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How to get clients (and make your dreams come true)

This guest article was written by Adam Clark of Bottlerocket and our interactive developer at Brian Hoff Design. Give him a warm “hello” on Twitter while you’re at it. Ok, so I don’t really know how to make all your dreams come true. Neither do I know much about getting clients. However, I have had some success [...]

Learning to say No to bad ideas

Recently I found myself out with a less experienced (in terms of running their own small business) designer asking questions over a few drinks the other night of which included “how do you keep your sanity with clients dictating your work?” Fortunately lately I have not had much of a problem since passion, understanding, knowledge, [...]

Warning signs of a troublesome client

Every so often I receive an email from other independent designers asking advice on how to solve a problem they are experiencing with a troublesome client. Questions typically range from “the client will not pay; what should I do?” to “the client keeps asking for more and more revisions; how should I handle this?” While [...]

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