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Redesigning The Mojo Themes Marketplace Experience

Although this site has seen a decrease in writing, I’m still working hard behind the scenes with some great projects and clients. Introducing The New Mojo Themes Website And Marketplace Update: “Mojo reports that the site’s user base has doubled since the revered Brian Hoff redesigned it only a few months ago. Before the redesign, [...]

Questions to ask clients before designing a website

As with any project you start, gathering essential information upfront is not only beneficial to a successful deliverable but will also save you and your client plenty of headaches throughout the process and pave the way to a lasting and trusting relationship. The more information you have equals the smoother the project goes — which in [...]

Typography is the backbone of good web design

Ever since launching my Information Portfolio,, I’ve received many emails with similar variations to the question “How do I become better with typography on the web?” or “Why does your type look nice on your site?” Below are a few techniques I generally go with when styling my type and aspects I considered and [...]

WordPress blog design checklist and walkthrough

Sure you can sift through 1,000 of free WordPress templates, but nothing compares to a custom blog design that differentiates your company or matches your existing website. Recently a past client of mine recontacted me for a custom WordPress blog design, as an effort to help promote and expand her online presence as a children’s book [...]

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I’m a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York who loves creating compelling and useful websites and memorable interactions across the web. When I’m not designing I can be found writing, speaking and occasionally part-time teaching at colleges — all on the subject of design. I started this blog to share my passion and experiences with designers and clients. I'm most active on Twitter; say hello: