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Apple reminds us: Simplicity is hard

Apple’s iOS7 is a great indicator that simplicity is hard. If you’re befuddled by that statement, check out these designers reactions complaints. Now that we’re caught up… While I certainly made a few jabs on Twitter, my initial reaction was purely based around, what I feel is, “amateur” design. I could care less about flat or skeuomorphic, [...]

Improving typography through space

Yesterday I read a tweet that Veer has become, yet another, type foundry added to Typekit’s remarkable list of foundries; allowing us to rent quality fonts for use on our websites. As exciting as this is, along with other movements and progressions in web typography, it also made me think of how dangerous this can [...]

On font pairing in logo design

Lately I’ve been receiving emails from designer’s and students asking for my personal critique on an identity design project they’re working on. Many of the emails are typically based around the question: “What font looks better?” or “Do you think a heavy typeface or light typeface would better fit the mark?” The posed questions had [...]

Typography is the backbone of good web design

Ever since launching my Information Portfolio,, I’ve received many emails with similar variations to the question “How do I become better with typography on the web?” or “Why does your type look nice on your site?” Below are a few techniques I generally go with when styling my type and aspects I considered and [...]

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