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Understanding inspiration

“Inspiration is everywhere.” You’ve heard it quoted at least once in your lifetime, but what do they actually mean by it? The “where do you get / find inspiration” question is the email I receive the most, which typically follows with the response of “everywhere.” On the other end I can hear the recipient saying “Yeah, [...]

Designers’ Confidence

Originally I titled this article Designers’ Ego, but ego seems to have a negative connotation so I switched it to confidence even though I prefer to use the term ego instead. In the article I will use them interchangeably so please don’t think ego is the mean, pig-headed bully that we conjure up in our [...]

Designers Sketchbook Showcase

We are often fascinated with the end result of a project that we often forgot how a design originated and morphed into the work that is shown. Personally all of my designs, whether its a logo or the layout of a website, always start off in my sketchbook. Sketching helps to get the brain working [...]

Vintage Posters: Inspiration for color palettes

Lately I’ve been looking at vintage and contemporary posters, illustrations and advertisements for inspiration, in particular at the bold, complementary color palettes used during that period. I even based my new blog,’s, color palette and typography from a few vintage posters I came across. The complimentary colors palettes, hand drawn typography, one-dimensional graphics, and [...]

Brian Hoff
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I’m a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York who loves creating compelling and useful websites and memorable interactions across the web. When I’m not designing I can be found writing, speaking and occasionally part-time teaching at colleges — all on the subject of design. I started this blog to share my passion and experiences with designers and clients. I'm most active on Twitter; say hello: