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What does a website cost?

Imagine asking a Real Estate company, “How much does a house cost?” Well it depends. First off, what are the essentials you need? Three bedrooms because you have two kids? Central air conditioning because you live down south? Now that we have the essentials, what are some of the less essential, yet nice features? Basement? [...]

Hyphenation arrives in Firefox and Safari

Big thanks to Fontdeck’s blog for pointing this out: Hyphenation is now supported in Safari 5.1 and Firefox 6. Here’s how to add the CSS3 rule: p { hyphens:auto; } Well, almost. In reality Firefox and Safari still only support vendor prefixes of the hyphens property (which is fair enough as the spec is still aworking draft) so [...]

InvisionApp Giveaway: Create beautiful interactive wireframes with ease

I’ve been using Invisionapp, a Prototyping tool, lately for creating interactive wireframes, and must say I love what I’ve been using. Not only do clients get a chance to see how my mockups (static PSDs) come together in an interactive way they understand, but it also helps keep my own workflow aligned. You can go from [...]

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