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Reflections of the past year: The improved

With 2010 quickly coming to an end, I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming year. Concluding my second (and a half year) year of running my own independent design business (full-time, anyways), I’m starting to think about my business, the things I feel I’ve done well, and what could be handled differently going into [...]

Why Design Education Must Change

Today’s designers are poorly trained to meet the today’s demands: We need a new form of design education, one with more rigor, more science, and more attention to the social and behavioral sciences, to modern technology, and to business. But we cannot copy the existing courses from those disciplines: we need to establish new ones [...]

On Self Worth and Perceived Value

“Accepting a valuation that’s less than you’re worth is a quick way to lose others’ respect and diminish your chance of success. By pricing your value at full worth, you give the person an opportunity to have more than they thought they needed. Not everyone will recognize this opportunity, but the right person will. That’s [...]

Art Direction and Design

Dan Mall discusses the differences between Art Direction and Design over at A List Apart. Design is the how. It’s the foundation of all communication, the process and production of typography, color, scale, and placement. Art direction is the why. It’s the concept and decisions that wrap itself around the entire product. “Outside of this, it’s [...]

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