Sweet Tweets: Design Resources of the Week #38

Sweet Tweets is a weekend feature to The Design Cubicle highlighting some of my favorite, and other Twitterer’s design-related links discovered via Twitter throughout the work week – because having resources and staying up-to-date is important in growth and development.

Week of 4-5-10:

How to use the semicolon (properly)
A fun walk-through of how to use a semicolon (;) properly with hilarious illustrations to better demonstrate. It’s amazing how misused, or better yet underused, this punctuation is.

iPad UI Stencil Kit
“Use our iPad Stencil Kit to quickly mock-up application ideas for the Apple iPad. How can we refine the user experience? What type of interaction is going to make the app compelling? Let our iPad Stencil Kit help you answer these questions.”

iPad Peek
A nifty tool for seeing how your website will look on the iPad without owning one. Great for developmental testing.

The Fear of Sketching
“Recently I have been seeing more and more sketching going on. Either it’s always been there or I am now simply paying attention to it, either way, I’m loving it. I would say that drawing is what got me started as a designer.”

“At flickrdesign.com we pride ourselves in featuring the best graphic design uploaded to flickr.com. Everyday we search for new and impressive designs featuring beautiful colors, typography, concepts, style, and layout.”

Gentleface: Free Wireframe Icon Set
“They can be used for wireframes and software mockups creation, websites and software applications including iPhone and iPod apps. You’ll find a set of 8 cursors and 236 icons in black and white color versions.”

Letterhead Love
“Letterhead Love was born out of my desire to have an online repository of the best letterhead, stationery and collateral materials.” A great resource for stationery inspiration.

70+ Brilliant WordPress Site Designs for Design Inspiration
“In this designs showcase we trying to present you exemplary design trends, new practices, creative ideas and designer’s skills. There are so many different WordPress designs out there that it’s always hard to decide which one to select. We spent last few weeks to compile this list of highly beautiful, creative and most importantly inspirational site designs over web which might help you to get inspired with their work.”

The Dying Art of Design
“Progress is good, but we need to make sure that we’re progressing in the right direction. Our fundamental skills and the craft of design have started to take a back seat. Using the right tools and techniques is certainly an important part of design. But do our tools and resources make us better designers?”

20+ Designers and Freelancers you should Read, Watch and Follow
“Today we’ll take a brief but personal look at over 20 designers and freelancers that have made an impact in the online design community through books, blogs, tweets and various other means. Some are huge names, ubiquitous in the design community, while others are just getting their start.” The list even includes yours truly.

The Lost Element of Quality
“No matter what the field you’ll hear a lot of complaints about a decline in quality. From Super Bowl Ads to bacon, from television shows to toys, many would argue that today’s products and services are inferior in quality to products and services from the past.”

What were some of your favorite Tweeted design resources from the past week? Share in the comments below. Enjoy your weekend.

Discussion and Comments

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  1. Richie says:

    Great resources, Brian. I loved the discussion on the Dying art of design, at the Smashing Mag.

    I would also recommend designers to watch some inspirational videos on design and creativity which I collected and put them in one article : http://bit.ly/9tPpRM

  2. Rachel Wiles says:


    Thanks so much for the mention on Letterhead Love. It’s had some great traffic during this first “official” week thanks to great blogs like yours.

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