Sweet Tweets: Design Resources of the Week #34

Sweet Tweets is a weekend feature to The Design Cubicle highlighting some of my favorite, and other Twitterer’s design-related links discovered via Twitter throughout the work week – because having resources and staying up-to-date is important in growth and development.

Week of 2-1-10:

CSS transitions 101
“Despite people’s expectation of change and movement on the screen, CSS and HTML have few controls that allow you to design interactivity, and those that exist are binary.”

Make all links feel subtly more button-like
“On this current design of CSS-Tricks, you may have noticed how all links bump themselves down one pixel as you click them. I started noticing this effect on sites of luminaries like Tim Van Damme and Andy Clarke’s sites, so credit where credit is due.”

New and high-quality icons for elegant design
“When working on design projects its always essential to have a good collection of icons. Designers use Icons to create breath-taking designs. Having the right icons can help to make a web design look much more professional and complete. Fortunately, there are some excellent free icon sets available that offer very high quality icons.”

Custom letters of 2009
“Appreciation for the people making Custom Letters. Inspiration for everyone else. A whole lot of great work.”

Life below 600px
A great writeup discussing the topic of ‘above the fold.’ Great to show clients if need be.

Ways to streamline your web business
“If I told you that there are twenty different ways you can streamline your web design business, makemore money and work less, would you believe me? What if I showed you – would you believe me then?”

Information is beautiful (and a showcase to prove it)
“Unfortunatly I never had the opportunity to do client work on an infography, but it seems to be one of the most challenging task for a graphic designer. The perfect infography must synthetize complex information in a simple visual representation, which is not easy. The following examples take information architecture to another level by making it beautiful.”

Elliot Jay Stocks interview on Unmatched Style
“Our most recent designer interview in our series is with Elliot Jay Stocks; designer, illustrator, speaker, musician and author of Sexy Web Design.”

Ampersand 10-pack
Hot Diggity Dog! Haäfe & Haph presents a selection of custom ampersands at just 9.99! These 10 ampersands come packaged as.eps vector files and an opentype font!

What MTV’s show The Jersey Shore can teach you about branding
“Branding can be a vague, nebulous concept to folks, particularly clients. We often try to teach them the value of building a strong brand by citing great ones that already exist. Unfortunately, we tend to fall back on a small list of great brand case studies, such as Apple, Nike, Harley Davidson, and a few others.”

Design tips that you can learn from Apple
“There is no shortage of companies that follow popular design trends to appeal to a mass market. Much more rare is the breed of company that actually sets design trends. Today we’ll examine the techniques of a company that occupies the top of the design food chain: Apple.”

Revised font stack
“Serious efforts are being made to get more typeface choices on the web to enhance web typography. Still, most of us prefer web-safe fonts like: VerdanaGeorgia,Times New Roman and Arial. Though choices are limited, yet the number can be increased by exploring other pre-installed fonts.”

The missing Google Analytics manual
“Whenever I open Google Analytics my brain seems to go into freeze mode. Sure, I know how to see where my traffic is coming from and how much traffic I get overall but it pretty much stops right there.”

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  2. andy says:

    interesting reads. i enjoyed the apple and jersey shore article. Am reading the revised font stack article at the moment…

  3. Logo Design says:

    Great collection of design tweets. Amazing what you can cull from Twitter these days!

  4. Excellent collection of resources. I particularly enjoyed reading the one about the button that moves down a pixel. That’s something I will include on my sites from now on.

  5. Great post, Twitter is really growing now tremendously. Nice post though, I not yet reading this article I have already find it awesome. Keep it up.

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