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We are often fascinated with the end result of a project that we often forgot how a design originated and morphed into the work that is shown. Personally all of my designs, whether its a logo or the layout of a website, always start off in my sketchbook. Sketching helps to get the brain working creatively, get ideas out quickly, free your mind, and overall improve your design work.

I’ve always enjoyed viewing others sketchbooks as well, so I asked my Twitter friends if they wanted to contribute a page from theirs. Below is a showcase of designers sketches, notes, and other doodles within their sketchbooks.

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Jeff Sheldon – @ugmonk


“One of the early sketches for my “There’s More to Life” Ugmonk shirt.” The full process can be seen on Ugmonk’s blog.

Adam Olenchick – @adamolenchick


“I had the challenge of having 4 companies on a single full page print Ad. It’s not my favorite sketch but one that shows my process better than most. I find that working on gridded paper helps.”

Andrew Steger – @drewski1979


“This is a stream of consciousness sketch. I like to do this when I’m feeling stuck. I often find pieces in it that I like and end up using in later designs.”

Linzie Hunter – @linzieh


“A pages of doodles from my lettering sketchbook.”

Carolyn Sewell – @carolynsewell


“This is sketch of notes taken during the recent AIGA design conference in Memphis. I’ve found that if i like looking at my notes, I’ll read them more, be inspired more, and thus use them more.”

Prescott Perez-Fox – @scottperezfox


“Sketches for logo development for New Day Rescue & Adoptions. These all follow the “dog silhouette” route, which ended up being the final approach.”

Charles Riccardi – @charlesriccardi


“This page out of my sketchbook was used to create the first concepts for a logo project. The company is a green company seeking after better, more environmentally away lighting solutions.”

Poyin Voon – @poyinphony


“I wish i can go somewhere which can let my imagination grow…”

Luther Spicer – @designjones


“Ideas for an airport-based exhibition called ‘Perceptions of Beauty’. The central idea was based around giant luggage tags as posters that could be wrapped around anything in the airport i.e. columns, chairs & signage.”

Denise Lange – @deniselange


“I was creating (and practicing!) a handwritten script and elements to be used in a logo and accompanying branding materials.”

Dan Redding – @danredding


“I keep sketchbooks for creative inspiration and enjoyment. This page features a drawing I did of an creepy but beautiful abandoned mental hospital in Massachusetts.”

Chris Sharp – @csharpdesign


“Brainstorming sketches for a logo design. Basis was a theme of renewal and growth focusing on the letter ‘C’ (Change for Real – the client brand name) as a motif.”

Joey Ellis – @joeyellis


“In planning some games for my son’s pirate-themed birthday party, I decided I should take a moment and draw out some ideas.”

Misty Belardo – @mistygirlph


“This is a sketch of my TwitterBackground design. I did a new version of me. Hand drawn design of me was used to depict what I love doing.”

Paul Randall – @paulrandall


“These was some early concepts on a logo for a local community arts centre.”

Chris Skelton – @sk3lton


This is a double page from my Moleskine which formed the start of my logo design for the childrens outdoor activity and Forest Schools equipment supplier Muddy Faces. View the completed website.

Ashraf Ghori – @AshrafGhori


Concept design for Virtual Geographic for CG animated film


“A Medical Assistant vehicle design for my animated film.”

Josh Cagwin – @joshcagwin


“Rough wireframe sketch of a home page for a project.”

Delve Withrington – @delvew


“Sketches for the logo of my independent font foundry, Delve Fonts.”

Paul Barrera – @PaulBarrera12


“It was long day at the internship, working on a logo for a class / killing time. Go Sketch! it doesn’t need to make sense.”

Cynthia Lavigne – @clavigne


“This was an idea for a character I wanted to use in a Flash animation.”

Noel Miciano – @noel1215


“I hardly draw anymore, so I wanted to get back into it this year and introduce myself to typography.”

Martin Kulakowski – @notanotherone


“This was just one of the many sketches for my personal website that never saw the light of day. The main goal of the website was to showcase the latest portfolio work and the blog entries. I also wanted to allow the visitor to be able to switch between different “themes” with some CSS and PHP magic.”

Brian Hoff – @behoff


A mix of icon and typographic identity sketches for Dreamvast.


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Discussion and Comments

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  1. Niki Brown says:

    Great post Brian! I love seeing other designers sketches/process work!

    I did a post on this a little while ago called Designers Scribbles – a peek behind the scenes.

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  3. Niki Brown says:

    ohhh that sketchbook looks really cool! I’m not in need of one right now though… just snagged a few of these dot grid journals from behance

  4. Paul Randall says:

    Thanks for featuring my sketches Brian!

    I too find peoples sketches really interesting to look at. As an experiment I doodled whilst listening to different types of music and blogged about it. The results were pretty interesting.

  5. Dimi A says:

    There is something cool about looking inside other designers sketchbooks!

    Great post!

  6. These sketches are wonderful! Now I want to break out my own sketchbook..

  7. amazing post as ever, so inspiring!

  8. Josh cagwin says:

    Thanks for including my sketch Brian. Great post as well. Always nice to see what goes on behind the scenes.

  9. steve benoit says:

    these are all fantastic, and they make me feel lame for abandoning my love of drawing.

    however, my favorite sketch book will forever be chris berry of

  10. Brian says:

    Thanks and amazing post of inspiring sketchbooks on your end as well! Thanks for sharing.

    No problem. I appreciate you submitting yours. Just had a look at some of your other sketches and looks just as good as the one above! :)

    Your too kind. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

    You should definitely get back into drawing. It’s a great way to stay more creative and free your mind up. The sketchbooks in your link by Chris were amazing. Really like his use of color. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Tais says:

    Nice post Brian!! I’ve recomended it in my blog!

  12. S Shelton says:

    Fantastic article. I reposted this on facebook for my design students. I stress the importance of sketching, but they think if something isn’t perfect on the first try, it’s no good. I’m trying to get them to understand that everyone starts somewhere, and they’ll get better the more they sketch.

  13. Chris says:

    It’s nice to see designers work and see the process that they go through to get there. The sketchbook always provides a unique glimpse into their mysterious world.

  14. A u d e e says:

    Great sketches!
    I like Jeff Sheldon and your Dreamvast sketches mostly because I love typography ;)
    Ashraf Ghori has an interesting architectural sketch over there. I like how the water-colors shadow makes it more impressive even it is just a raw sketch :)

    I have some sketches to share also. They were made when I was working on Danielku logo design draft: and

  15. Ashley says:

    Oh man, I need to get my drawing on…

    I use sketchbooks for icon/ui design and some website design, but my current one is almost full and I’ve been too lazy to refill it…

  16. Totally tweeted, totally following! Thanks for the contest. I totally spilled some coffee on my book yesterday (go figure). Luckily, nothing important was in it!

    Here’s a logo process I did with some sketches if interested:

  17. sriganesh says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway and after coming into illustration , now i feel how much important drawings are , i usely do in psd. but i love illustrator, and done some good illustration in my blog. and these will really promte me as a good illustrator.

  18. Amazing sketchbooks. I was not using my sketchbook much but seems I have to start my sketching again. Inspirational stuff here. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thiago A. Villa Menezes says:

    Muddy Faces’ awesome!

  20. Graham says:

    Nice post – thanks Brian.
    It is always so cool to see the creativity oozing out of designers, especially when their just doodleing.

  21. Andy says:

    Very interesting post Brian—great work, I’ve been keeping an eye out for this one.

  22. After seeing these great examples I’ve decided I need to start sketching more by hand. I seem to often start Illustrator and I feel like I’m missing something. Thanks Brian!

  23. Devil Coder says:

    Love to have this I tweeted it here is my profile

  24. Denise Lange says:

    Fabulous post, as usual. Thanks for including mine! What a great assortment … I love seeing the creative process. When I first began doing graphic design, it was mostly by hand – no computers until my first “real” design job. For me, going back to those roots is a soothing way to work through challenges on a design project.

    Thanks for always delivering inspiring material, Brian!

  25. Jason says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for posting, Brian!

  26. Jeff Sheldon says:

    Thanks for the feature Brian. It’s always cool to peek inside other people sketchbooks.

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  28. Enk. says:

    Wow, great list.
    Logo sketches by Paul Randall are too similar to SmashingMagazine, lol. :D

  29. ray keilman says:

    i love taking a look into the minds of other designers!

  30. paola lozano says:

    Love the sketches, specially Andrew Steger one, is a real trip! :)

  31. Yagnesh Ahir says:

    Yes Brian, i njoyed this article, infact its so inspiring that i have alrdy started sketching on scrap papers, new papers ( even on my tees and my cousin’s tees also ;) ), Thanks for sharing such a helpful and inspiring post. Keep Posting.

  32. Ken Reynolds says:

    Excellent post. I love seeing other designers sketches, it’s a little window into the depths of a creative mind.
    The fact that others know how important drawing still is to design is encouraging. I’ve often felt that it is something that is beginning to be neglected by keyboard happy designers.

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  34. Manik says:


    What a great book!

    Plus, it is always nice peeking into another designer’s brain.

  35. Love the sketches! So many talented people out there!!

  36. andy says:

    Hey Brian, great article. I love comparing sketches and finished works. I think seeing the design process is great, probably the thing I like to see most when looking at someone’s work. this is an inspirational article. I never kept a sketchbook, and I do all my sketches on scrap paper and then misplace them. I’m sure that’s a really dumb idea. I gona get a sketchbook this weekend and make it a point to sketch in there instead.


  37. Scarlett says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Brian! Always a pleasure to read your articles as always!
    The sketchbooks will be a brilliant Chinese new year inspiration too :] (Chinese new year is the same day as valentines day this year- gung hei fat choi!)

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  39. Simon K says:

    Tweeted! Great giveaway and article. So inspiring.

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  41. Cool post, really enjoy looking at other peoples creative sketches. Very inspirational.


  42. Byonca says:

    Thank you for this article. This really helps me understand how important sketching is to the creative process of a design. Our instructor has made sketching out ideas so crucial that we must have an design process journal with each project.

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  44. wow!! Thank you Brian for including my sketch here.. so thrilled to be part of the article! Amazing work of others on here too!! very inspiring! :)

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