Sweet Tweets: Design Resources of the Week #30

Sweet Tweets is a weekend feature to The Design Cubicle highlighting some of my favorite, and other Twitterer’s design-related links discovered via Twitter throughout the work week – because having resources and staying up-to-date is important in growth and development.

Week of 1-4-10:

How to stay sane when freelancing from home
“Freelancing from home can be a lonesome job fraught with a multitude of interruptions and distractions but with the right setup and a bit of discipline it can be a very enjoyable and fun environment to work in.”

52 Blog tips to kick start your blog in 2010
“All in all those lists contain 52 links to the most popular posts on ProBlogger in 2009 and hopefully they will help resource you for 2010!”

What’s next in web design?
“Thinking about what’s next online is fun because everything you wish to come true will come true. While commercial products obey to the laws of the market, which in part are influenced by the resources needed to create these products, the web is defined by the user.”

MyFonts: Top 10 fonts of 2009
“This newsletter lists the year’s ten most successful typefaces from a variety of genres. It’s a list based on sales: you, our faithful customers, have all been part of the jury.”

Modern Art Movements To Inspire Your Logo Design
“It’s always nice to go to a bookstore, grab a book of logo designs, sit down, inhale that new-book smell and absorb the goodness. But knowing where all of these designs, fonts and creative elements have come from is also good.”

New Bausch + Lomb logo process
“One of the biggest healthcare brands in the world, with products sold in over 100 countries, Bausch + Lomb is synonymous with lenses and eye care.”

FontShop: Top Type of 2009
“The best-selling and most-blogged-about faces span the gamut from traditional to groundbreaking, sober to spirited, and each one deserves a spot in the descerning typographer’s palette.”

The web designer’s guide to user experience
“User experience (‘UX’ to its friends) is a term increasingly bandied about. Currently in that strange position of being excitingly new to many, touted as an essential component of web design process by industry experts and seemingly on the way to becoming ubiquitous, UX also has an air of mystery about it.”

How to discuss “the fold” with a client
“In this post we’ll start with a definition of the “fold” term itself, look at some of the web design principles we can extract from this print term, and then give some recommendations on how to handle the situation should it ever arise.”

For your clients: How to use WordPress PDF
A very simple, downloadable reference guide to provide your clients that explains the basics of WordPress admin.

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