The Best of Twitter 2009: Design Edition

For those non-weekend readers of The Design Cubicle, Sweet Tweets is my weekend round-up of the best design resources of the week I’ve discovered via Twitter each week.

Since starting Sweet Tweets I have accumulated 28 weeks worth of resources and for this post have hand-selected the best of each week for a Sweet Tweets 2009 Best Of the Best roundup.


Without further a due, I give you 28 of the sweetest, most valuable and must read design-related articles of 2009:

10 Mistakes Logo Designers Can Make When Designing Logos (#1)
“There are many mistakes we can make when designing logos for our clients or even ourselves. I have compiled a list of 10 common mistakes I’ve seen in mine and others work. This list is merely my view of a Top Ten.”

10 Logo Design Tips From the Field (#2)
“I’ve learned from quite a few mistakes during my time as a designer, and to save you from doing likewise, here are 10 logo design tips I picked up.”

10 WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking (#3)
“[...] But, there are some SEO features that aren’t implemented in WordPress core. You can easily archeive these features by installing plugins.”

30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Own (#4)
Free, downloadable books, manifestos, tutorials, magazines, and design/typography tips.

4 Principles of Good Design for Websites (#5)
“One of the areas of focus that I’ve taken into all my designs are the four major design principles. They include: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.”

30 Top Sources of Typography Inspiration (#6)
“I thought it would be worth while for those of you who are typography lovers to point out what I feel are some of the best resources available for receiving inspiration of this kind from the works of other designers.”

15 Must Read Articles for CSS Beginners (#7)
“This collection of 15 articles pulls together some of the best must read blog posts for anyone looking to get started with CSS styling.”

25 Must-Read Books for Designers, Typography Lovers and Freelancers (#8)
“All these books can help make you a better designer and business owner so I thought I’d make a list of some of my favorite ones and include a short summary/quote, book authors and the topics discussed in the books.”

How to work with a professional designer (#9)
“In the 3 years I’ve been in business I’ve seen many different job requests come in. However, of all my job requests, only about 10% actually ever go through. There are all sorts of reasons, but many times it’s due to some common issues.

High-quality Free Font: Calluna Regular (#10)
Beautiful new serif available at for free.

How to Make Your Web Design Stand out from the Crowd (#11)
“All web designers want their work to stand out from the crowd … but what does that take? In this post I’ll pick a few sites I think pack a punch and I’ll explain why.”

Color on the Web: Color Theory for Designers (#12)
“What is it then, about color, that we can investigate which will aid the process of fulfilling a design and the requirements of a need? In actuality, quite a few factors exist.”

6 Ways To Improve Your Web Typography (#13)
“Typography on the web is anything but simple, and for many, it is a troubling mystery. Today, we’re going to review six ways that web designers and developers can improve the typography of the sites they create.”

The Remedies For An Effective Online Portfolio (#14)
“The importance of creating an online portfolio is essential in their success. Online portfolios are certainly effective but most of them required a bit of technical knowledge to develop which may not be the core expertise of some designer.”

35 Excellent Wireframing Resources (#15)
Wireframing is one of the most valuable parts of any web design project. It can save a designer tons of time by hashing out the details of a site’s architecture, functionality, and content prior to actually starting a visual design.”

3 ways to make your website stand out from the crowd (#16)
“Too many websites look the same as their competition. If you want users to remember your site it needs to stand out from the crowd.”

16 Favorite Cheat Sheets for Web Design and Development (#17)
“In this post I’m sharing some very excellent cheat sheets to help web designers and developers. These cheat sheets includes Photoshop, CSS, HTML, JQuery, PHP, MooTools, MySQL, Ruby on rails, Flash AS and much more.”

Case Studies in Design Portfolios (#18)
“In this post we will be featuring more than 30 portfolio sites to show how they are using case studies from their own design projects to communicate with potential clients. Not all of them are referred to as “case studies” on the site, but all provide much more information than just giving a screenshot with the client’s name.”

The Art of Branding Yourself and Your Freelance Business (#19)
“In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ways to define a brand for something as unique as a freelancing business, and what one needs to do to get started on the right track to a successful brand.”

Powerful ways to make typography talk on your website (#20)
“Typography is a very powerful tool in a web designer’s arsenal. We have seen simple websites glorified in an instant with the use of proper typography.”

Secrets from the world’s top 20 web designers (#21)
“What makes a world-class designer? It’s a simple question and yet once we started compiling this list we realised it’s not at all simple to answer.”

Getting to No (#22)
“I’ve been selling website design and development work for over 10 years, so you’d think I’d have this stuff licked. Hardly. I used to think the hard part was “getting to yes,” but over time, I’ve learned that the hardest part isn’t closing the deal, but figuring out which deals are actually worth closing.”

Video walk-through of an identity design process (#23)
Artist Von Glitschka walks through his logo design process and allows us to peek inside his project folder.

6 ways to take your webdesign from good to great (#24)
“The difference between good and great webdesign is relatively small. The average person may not be able to explain the tangible differences that make up great design, but they can usually spot a design they like.”

On web typography (#25)
“There are many books and articles on typography, but considerably few explore typeface selection and pairing. With the floodgates poised to open and the promise of many typefaces being freed up for use on websites, choosing the right face to complement a website’s design will need to become another notch in the designer’s belt.”

Learn about design, not just making things look pretty (#26)
“Seriously. It’s all fluff and no context, criticism, or thought. Just pretteh pretteh pretteh, and no why.”

10 Principles that may make your work better or may make it worse (#27)
I hate the word “tip.” It implies that there’s something that you don’t know. Some secret little gem that, when sprinkled on your work, your creative process, your diet, or your sex life will magically make it all better.”

Style versus design (#28)
“Many young web designers view their craft the way I used to view pop culture. It’s cool or it’s crap.” They mistake Style for Design, when the two things are not the same at all.

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    Nice work Brain! those are excellent choices, need time to read them, thanks for sharing.

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  3. LOL! Comment above called you BRAIN!

    Anway, very nice round-up Brian. Will definitely check out some of these articles that I have missed.

  4. Tareq samman says:

    No i didn’t…!! i said Brian, its the keyboard fault!

  5. Fazai38 says:

    Save me lots of time with this brilliant collection.

  6. J Broström says:

    I am definitely bookmarking this! Excellent collection of articles! :-)

  7. LukeSF says:

    Great job done! Will definitely need to read it through.

  8. The Best of Twitter 2009: Graphic Design Edition…

    Twenty-eight of the sweetest, most valuable and must read design-related articles of 2009….

  9. zukilover says:

    good brain, brian..

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    Cool, thanks for sharing this.

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    Brilliant Brain of Brian! :)

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    Fantastic Brain, keep up the good work.

  13. Thanks fof work. Favorited!

  14. Brian says:


    Glad you enjoy the resources and you all have my laughing with the “brain” talk :P Have a great holiday and happy new year everyone!

  15. Daniel Whyte says:

    Thanks for these man :)

  16. Good stuff, thanks for sharing. Those typography resources are awesome.

  17. Richie says:

    This has definitely got to be the roundup of the week… you’ve made my day, Brian, ‘the Brain’ .. lol

    merry christmas …

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  20. moriarty says:

    Cool! Also recommended this handbook for web designers:
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Can you really learn from twitter posts? Blogs like yours yes, twatter, no!

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    Awesome Brian,
    Great Post..

    Thanks buddy

  23. Great resource.A lot of question’s answers in one page,thank you so much for your post.

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