Sweet Tweets: Design Resources of the Week #25

Sweet Tweets is a weekend feature to The Design Cubicle highlighting some of my favorite, and other Twitterer’s design-related links discovered via Twitter throughout the work week – because having resources and staying up-to-date is important in growth and development.

Week of 11-16-09:

Complete list of HTML/XHTML tags with guide to proper use
“Use this handy guide as a reference when writing HTML or xHTML. I list all the HTML tags you’ll ever need – and all the ones you shouldn’t use too! For each tag, I explain its proper use when writing Semantic HTML.”

On web typography
“There are many books and articles on typography, but considerably few explore typeface selection and pairing. With the floodgates poised to open and the promise of many typefaces being freed up for use on websites, choosing the right face to complement a website’s design will need to become another notch in the designer’s belt. But where do we start?”

Real web type in read web context
“[...] I need to know how my type renders on screens, in web browsers. To that end, I created Web Font Specimen, a handy (free) resource web designers and typographers can use to see how typefaces will look on the web.”

The lazy designer’s guide to success
“Facetiously positioning himself as a “lazy” designer, Michael Bierut, the prolific founder of Design Observer and partner at Pentagram’s New York office, shares his seven steps to success.”

Signs you need to refuse that project
“You’ve worked hard looking for a freelance project. Finally, it looks like all of your hard work is about to pay off. Someone offers you a freelancing gig. Now it’s time to breathe a huge sigh of relief and dig into the project. Right?”

The right ‘type’ of education
“With this article we hope to outline an historical overview of the course and provide a brief look at the final project typefaces from the 08/09 class.”

Beautiful black and white websites
Featuring my personal site, www.brianhoff.net, along side 15 other beautiful websites

Jeffrey Zeldman discusses typography on the web
Jeffrey Zeldman, one the most outspoken and influential people in the web design community, agreed to answer some questions about the state of typography on the web. Zeldman, in addition to running the design firm Happy Cog, educates and inspires his fellow web designers through his blog A List Apart, “for people who make web sites.”

Do’s and don’t of effective web typography
“In a previous article here on Web Design Ledger, I broke down 20 do’s and don’ts of effective web design and today I would like to keep up with that topic and go over 20 do’s and don’ts of effective web typography.”

BrianHoff.net updates
This week I updated my bottom footer with new resources, work, inspiration, book recommendations and more. I also, updated the look with Typekit, using FF Tisa and FF Dagny.

Discussion and Comments

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  1. Logo Design says:

    Love the list of HTML tags, that is one fantastic resource!

  2. Union Room says:

    Thanks for featuring a link of ours Brian, we’re a big fan of your blog / website :)

  3. “The lazy designer’s”…lol show me one that isn’t semi-lazy at the minimum.

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