Creative Website Designs of Art and Design Schools

Recently I’ve been receiving emails from high school students looking to pursue their education at a design and art school while asking me which ones I recommend.

While ‘Googling’ articles that could potentially help them out, I came across some rather beautiful and creative websites of art and design schools, as well as more than you’d imagine, horrific ones — you’d expect a higher standard for a design/art school wouldn’t you? Below are 27 creative and visually appealing websites of various art and design school worldwide.

School of Visual Arts


Domus Academy


Corcoran College of Art + Design


Ringling College of Art and Design


School of the Art Institute of Chicago


USC Interactive Media


Portfolio Center


Otis College of Art and Design


Parsons The New School for Design


Cornish College of the Arts


University for the Creative Arts


Minneapolis College of Art and Design


Stanford Institute of Design




Art Center College of Design


Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design


Piet Zwart Institute


Harvard University Graduate School of Design


California Institute of the Arts


CarnegieMellon Design




Kendall College of Art and Design


Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Savannah College of Art and Design


Kutztown Communication Design Department


Expression College for Digital Arts


Moore College of Art and Design



With a Westwood College associate degree in graphic design and multimedia, you’ll quickly learn answers to questions like that and have a blast doing it.  With your graphic design degree, you’ll be prepared for positions such as advertising and design coordinator, graphic designer/artist, graphic and web designer or production manager.

Does your university or design school have a beautiful and creative website? Please share in the comments below.

Discussion and Comments

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  1. Lesson learned: businesses should hire art/design students to design their websites. :)

  2. Wow..I just love this post…

  3. Glad to see my alma mater made the list! Savannah College Of Art and Design

  4. Josh Cagwin says:

    Nice list. It’s interesting to see the difference in sites from school to school.

  5. dotndot says:

    Awesome collection…Great post.

  6. Very useful for inspiration thanks for sharing

  7. Lukelux says:

    I have enjoyed your article.
    Thanks to post it!

  8. Flick says: – school of advertising art
    a small graphic design college in Kettering, Ohio.

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  10. Chris Spada says:

    Hartford Art School-

  11. Rhode Island School of Design

    Corcoran College of Art and Design

  12. Rebecca Ruhland says: – The Creative Center College of Art & Design in Omaha, Nebraska

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  14. Does Frist impression mature … We have
    to post student work, we do not fell the need to put it directly on the school front page.

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  16. [...] 27 Creative Website Designs of Art and Design Schools [...]

  17. Laura L says:

    Super cool post. I was surprised and excited when scrolling through the list to see my school, Kutztown University represent! I’m a current student there, I’m Fine Arts, but our Communication Design department is pretty amazing.

  18. TGDStudios says:

    Great list.
    Lets not forget…Rhode Island School of Design

  19. Alex C. says:

    Great just what I needed…
    I’ve searching for a university to do my master’s degree, I’ll check out this list’s schools!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Anaska says:

    Really liked the website of Stanford Institute of Design. No, I am not a student there! I wish…
    Thanks, Brian. Great collection.

  21. Logo Design says:

    Interesting to see how many of them breakt the tradtional “rules”.

  22. David Arias says:

    Emily Carr University of Art + Design

  23. Chris Lacy says:

    Yay Moore <3

  24. Kenneth Henry says:

    Glad to also see my school on this impressive list!

    Piet Zwart Institute, ’11! :)

  25. Chris says:

    Great list. I went to NSCAD in Halifax, NS but did a semester exchange at Corcoran, and that is a great school (glad to see it on the list).

  26. John Feld says:

    Worldwide on-line school or art and design

  27. Also, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and Full Sail University.

  28. Kimberly Hansen says:

    Syracuse University – College of Visual and Performing Arts
    School of Art & Design – Go Orange!

  29. Digital Soup says:

    Thanks for including Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in your list!

  30. bim says:

    I really like BIOLA, Kutztown Communication Design Department and Expression College for Digital Arts

  31. Bix says:

    Its amazing but there is not a single design with curved corners there r two but… still I love it all!

  32. Martina says:

    I like Biola’s and MCAD’s.
    You chose an interesting topic.
    Putting in pictures for all of them must have taken some time.
    There is an article on choosing an art school here:

  33. Vanessa says:

    Love that School of Visual Arts. You can immediately see how creative they are just by looking on the page itself.

  34. Karren Ramos says:

    Every website design should be simple but attractive just like these designs. You do not have to make the design exaggerated.

  35. These are the designs simply but elegant. That are professionally designed though its simple.

    nice job!

  36. jaak says:

    nice site list thanks

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