Sweet Tweets: Design Resources of the Week #5

Sweet Tweets is a weekend feature to The Design Cubicle highlighting some of my favorite, and other Twitterer’s design-related links discovered via Twitter throughout the work week.

Week of 6-15-09:

Huge Collection of T-Shirt Design Mockup Templates
Templates are a handy resource for any apparel designer to mockup your awesome tee design and show it off in all its glory. Such resources can be a little tricky to come by, especially those high quality files, but check out this huge collection of T-Shirt mockup templates, featuring plenty of highly useful files in both vector and PSD format for use in your future apparel projects.”

25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer
In this article, you will find a collection of the best typography tools available on the web.”

4 Principles of Good Design for Websites
One of the areas of focus that I’ve taken into all my designs are the four major design principles. They include: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. This post will discuss those four principles as they relate to web design. By keeping these design theories fresh in your mind, you will be sure to design cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing sites”

30 Top Sources of Typography Inspiration
Last week I launched a new gallery site, TypeInspire, dedicated to typography. I thought it would be worth while for those of you who are typography lovers to point out what I feel are some of the best resources available for receiving inspiration of this kind from the works of other designers.”

45+ CSS Grid Systems, Layout Generators and Tutorials that every Designer should know
In this article tripwire magazine presents a large collection of CSS Grid Systems, online generators and tutorial on how to use these in your design.”

How to Organize Graphic Design Files
“Not having some sort of organized system in place can quickly lead to lost files, headaches, and even the occasional accidental delete. While every one has their own method of doing this, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and practices on organizing graphic design files.”

Vintage Color and Design: The Architectural Review
“This selection of covers from the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s & 80′s comes from Full Table and flickr user eversion.”

Custom Letters: The Best of the First Half of 2009
“Custom Letters is an evolving category that includes calligraphy, sign painting, graffiti, stone carving, digital lettering, hand lettering, paper sculpture, and type design (we’d prefer to feature new/original type over, say, revivals).”

Interesting Designers, Agencies and Organizations on Twitter
The fast growing micro blogging platform Twitter.com has a vast interests of use. As we focused more on design related terms we suggest you to follow persons and organizations that have significant impact on our spheres of life and professional career development. The lists are incomplete, ordered randomly and kept updating.”

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  1. Nikhil says:

    Great Resources Brian..
    Really enjoyed this post..

  2. dresses says:

    Great Resources Brian..
    Really enjoyed this post..

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