Reasons Freelance Designers Should Join Twitter

Having joined Twitter approximately one year ago I have discovered many benefits of being an active member of Twitter – benefits that have helped my freelance design business and my personal development as a graphic designer. If you have not yet taken the plunge into the Twitterverse here are 6 reasons why you should join Twitter and how it can benefit your business.


Twitter is a great way to meet other creatives in your field, new prospects and clients. I have recently been discovering many people sending out tweets looking for a designer to develop their company logo or website – ‘’ is a great tool for finding things.

Also having met so many creative and talented designers on Twitter I have formed close relationships, which I work with from time to time on projects and when I need to refer clients elsewhere for project beyond my abilities and time.


With all the design resources on the web, Twitter is a great way to find new information –from blog posts, design conference announcements, product news, or any other form of information you are seeking. Discover something you saw or read on Twitter, try retweeting it to share it with your followers.

I’ve discovered everything from free fonts, amazing step-by-step tutorials, to how to improve your freelance business. Staying on top of your industry as designer is essential.

Relieve loneliness

Working as an independent graphic designer from home can be quite lonely from time to time. Having Tweetdeck running in the corner of my second monitor is a great way to relieve separation anxiety from the rest of the world.

Twitter is an ongoing conversation that you are able to jump in and out of whenever you want. It’s like working in a room of thousands of other designers while working from home.


Independency has its perks, but without a doubt has its downfalls. Working independently you are unable to kick around ideas with other designers and get feedback on your work. It’s easy to become stale and your development can hinder working alone.

Try posting a screenshot of your current work asking for feedback. You’ll be surprised on how much you can learn from others.

Get answers

Having an issue with a website not displaying properly in IE6 and need some help? Designers on Twitter always seem up to offering out their assistance and help when needed. Remember, don’t just be a borrower, offer your expertise when needed as well.

Monitor and grow your business

Twitter is a great way to monitor your business and see what others are saying about you. The search feature of Twitter is extremely handy for finding out this type of information and seeing the areas on which you can improve. Seeing what is said and implementing new changes will help grow your business and make your customers happier.

What are some of the benefits you’ve seen from Twitter? What were the reasons you joined?

Discussion and Comments

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  1. meisan says:

    Nice article,I agree with you :) thanks for sharing.
    I’m being freelance illustrator and I ‘ve same problem about lack of social but using twitter can help.Althought it’s not in a person:)

  2. Aki Jinn says:

    Great article. I have to agree on each point! I actually found alot of great designers to follow via Twitter! :)

  3. bebopdesigner says:

    Very true, very handy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Scott says:

    For me, one of the hardest parts about working from home was always the isolation… and I have to say, that is eased somewhat by IM and Twitter and Facebook. I talk with prospects, clients and friends via Twitter, and it’s helping get noticed every day as well as giving me so much great information I can’t read it all :)

  5. Mark says:

    Totally true! I’m glad I found Twitter. Especially because I live in a small town where not much is going on, entertainment-wise.

  6. Simon says:

    I agree with you. And I am collecting followers before taking the freelancer jump.


  7. Caz says:

    I only joined a couple of months ago. Haven’t been fully convinced as to twitter’s merits (don’t care what other people had for breakfast), but so far I’ve found your tweets very useful, thanks. As for the rest, still sorting the wheat from the chaff!

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  10. Brent says:

    I’ll have to look at tweetdeck – you’ve got me curious. Thanks.

  11. swapnet says:

    i completely agree. I’ve learned more than ever after I joined twitter. everyday, I’m discovering something new and fascinating.
    twitter is a wonder.. I believe my level of knowledge and awareness has totally shot up in a year after I joined twitter. that’s true/!

  12. Jeremy Tuber says:

    Twitter’s a terrific source for creative inspiration as well, there are some outstanding portfolios being tweeted about everyday. The only word of caution I’d have for freelancers is to treat Twitter like chocolate: a little is fine but try to avoid overdoing it – moderation.

  13. Is it really worth it time wise? I’m not sure I have the time to Tweet?

  14. ACute one says:

    For freelance, a Twitter account is a great way to both interact with colleagues in the industry, and attract more readers to articles, websites, and blogs. Like any other social networking site, however, there are some things to keep in mind before using Twitter for self-promotion.

  15. dresses says:

    For freelance, a Twitter account is a great way to both interact with colleagues in the industry, and attract more readers to articles, websites, and blogs. Like any other social networking site, however, there are some things to keep in mind before using Twitter for self-promotion.

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