16 Unveiled Logo Design Processes

As a logo designer I have always enjoyed seeing and reading the thought and creative processes of other graphic designers logos – from the project brief, to the initial sketches, right down to the final touches. Understanding how logo designers work and articulate their ideas is a great way to learn and expand our own creativity. More importantly, you understand to value the effort of the design process and appreciate the art of the logo design. Below are 16 logo processes unveiled by a few of my favorite colleagues, logo and graphic designers.

Vivid Ways logo

by Chris Spooner

LTD Logo

by DryIcons

WebMynd logo

by Dache

Metro Aviation logo


by Chuck Green

Silkbox logo


by Abduzeedo

joomlabamboo logo

by ImJustCreative

ProBlogger logo

by makalumedia

Social Signal logo


by duoh!

HotBox Studios logo

by dache

Scroll Magazine logo

by Veerle

Brainstorm logo

by Abduzeedo

Just Creative Design logo

by Jacob Cass


by David Airey

Jigsaw Internet logo

by David Airey

Ultimate Potential logo

by Jacob Cass

Otus logo

by Down With Design

The Design Cubicle logo


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  1. dresses says:

    Phenomenal post. Just what I needed. Thanks!

  2. IOM Design says:

    Thanks for this great post. I’m just getting into logo design lately and this will be very useful. Definitely one to be bookmarked!

    Thanks again

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  4. Gerard Syms says:

    Dude! Bookmarked this the first time i stumbled (literally)upon it! Great choices! Btw, 2 questions: Dude, where’s the logo you designed above and how’d you come up with the retro vibe for this blog? Love the look! Keep up the good work!

  5. Brian says:

    Thanks for the bookmark. As for your two questions, I’m not sure what you mean by your first question when you ask “Where’s the logo designed?” If you could clarify a bit I’d be happy to answer. The look and feel of this website was inspired by a walk in a bookstore. I was immediately drawn to a book cover color palette. I combined this with my admiration for typography and produced this end result.

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