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  1. [...] was ist eine Visitenkarte ohne ein gutes Logo. 11 Steps of a Successful Logo Design Process zeigt auf leicht verständliche Weise einen der vielen Wege zu einem guten [...]

  2. Mario says:

    Great post. It’s always nice to see how other designers work. I use a very similar logo design process. I outlined a step by step overview that works well for me. I broke things down to 5 steps. You guys are welcomed to take a look. I’d love some feed back.


  3. [...] You can read more about my creative process here: http://www.thedesigncubicle.com/2009/05/11-steps-of-a-successful-logo-design-process/ [...]

  4. Daniel Whyte says:

    Great post, great information that will realy help out many designers that i know that ‘skip’ steps that they are not completely aware of :P

  5. [...] Logo design process via The Design Cubicle (Brian Hoff) [...]

  6. 3D animation says:

    I find that many MANY hack companies that are out there charge top of the line prices and then elave out more than half of these steps.

  7. After reeading your whole post i must agree to the sketching and writing ideas on a piece of paper. Its always happen to me when i rush to my pc and start my adobe software,all of my ideas suddenly vanishes, then i go for paper and put my creativity on it and then start designing. Anyways nice post you share.

  8. Nice complete overview. I don’t personally do much design but I find it really cool. I always try and apply the 80 20 principle to different work projects, but with design it seems it’s hard to highlight the 20 %. I think finding the way your unique creativity works the best is really important.

  9. Sober Living says:

    Hi there. I am currently working on giving our rehab site a new logo, lay-out and feel and your tips will be very handy. I also hope to email you once I have the initial layout so I can get your feedback. if it’s okay with you :) Thanks you so much.

  10. Nice article! Sketching is an important component of Rockhopper Digital’s logo design process. In my experience, 3 potential concepts refined over 3 rounds usually results in a happy client and a great looking logo.

  11. dresses says:

    Nice article! Sketching is an important component of Rockhopper Digital’s logo design process. In my experience, 3 potential concepts refined over 3 rounds usually results in a happy client and a great looking logo.

  12. This is incredibly helpful. I need to follow a similar process for my logo designs.

  13. [...] and showcases the amount of research, time and other important factors that go into designing a successful identity or [...]

  14. Paul Noia says:

    Great article, Brian. I especially like the importance you have placed on steps 1 & 2. As a designer, you have to understand the business implications of design and not just be graphically talented. Well done.

  15. Its a pleasure reading your post.

  16. logo contest says:

    I’m sure this is the proper way of creating a professional logo. However for people participating in a logo contest, speed and efficiency is the essence.

  17. Joni Solis says:

    Very direct and to the point. I just found this quote I like about the creative process: “All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.” — Carl Jung

    I just joined Behance and posted my fist project on this subject: My logo creation process step by step http://www.behance.net/gallery/My-logo-creation-process-step-by-step/635726

  18. Chef Lance says:

    Great read! I was originally going to go into either sigh writing i=or graphic design, but somehow wound up channeling my creativity into food. You have made some very good points. Great content. You’re helping unleash the creative monster within all of us

  19. Tony C says:

    I never realised designing a logo took so much thought and hard work. Thank you for the article as it was very eye opening.

  20. Logo Design says:

    Great article, Brian, i am stuck at a logo design. can you please help me. everything’s done except for the Font. i cant seem to get the best font that goes with the design. the logo is about a football club/

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