Creative Business Cards of 50 Graphic Designers

Last week’s post requested all designers and web developers interested to submit their creative business cards for an upcoming post on TDC…. and this week we have the results!

50 beautiful business cards of graphic and web designers.

Chris Colhoun


Eric | MindFlame Design & Marketing


Aaron Irizarry


Joanna Klima


Indeed Design



Victor Konovalov


Sergej Melissen | Accentuate


Chris Fenison | Pediment Publishing


Aaron Miller


Andy Owen | Paradise Digital, Inc.


Louis Gubitosi | Interactive Blend


Colin Wright | Colin Is My Name


Antonea Nabors | VelveAnt


Lee Munroe | Lookaly


Alex ElChehimi |


Andrew Regalado | MWW Designs Inc.


Greg Wallace


Seth Stevenson | ImSethStevenson


Daisy Rizzo | Ignertia


Jonathan Lackey | Zuno Studios


Mark Poppen | Poppen Design


Irene Demetri | Youandigraphics


Matt Olsen | Matt J. Olsen Design & Photography


John Leschinski


Josh Cunningham


Dragos M | DVisionDesign


Acedro Todd | Big Love Creative Agency


David Gheorghita


Andrew Slifkin | BLVD Design Studio


Prescott Perez-Fox




Scott McClelland


Andrea La Valleur-Purvis | Divine Fusion Design Studio


Kyle Steed | Kyle Steed Design


Jean Ming


Lorraine Reinsch | LorraineDesign


Emily Lozano


Vincent Matheney | Studio Draco


Lynn McCormick | Jackrabbit Design


Von Glitschka | Glitschka Studios


Dave Savage | Savage Monsters Industries




Amy Norris | ei


BAUfonso Morales | BAU designer


Scott Glasser | sum(design)


Khayyam Wakil | 9teen 7eventy 5ive Design


Grace Smith | Postscript5


Alise Johnson | Gatorworks


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Discussion and Comments

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  2. Reinis says:

    Great to see that people are open to ingenious graphic design for their business cards. These are people that see graphic design as a means for standing out of the crowd.
    We had such a great client recently. He was happy for the result, we were happy for him. See the link:

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  4. [...] 50 Creative Business Cards of 50 Graphic Designers Last week’s post requested all designers and web developers interested to submit their creative business cards for an upcoming post on TDC…. and this week we have the results! [...]

  5. Excellent designs!…. great source of inspiration for a lot of designers. ImSethStevenson is probably my favorite.

  6. Mahen Sharma says:

    its really creativity shown these cards nice colour combination. me also a graphic designer from (India)

  7. Mufeed says:

    Great Collections, Love most of them
    Creative and art works

  8. Beautiful business cards!

    God bless!

  9. Awesome collection here, thanks!

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  11. Andrew says:

    Great roundup of business cards!
    This is really inspirational since i design business cards myself.
    I think my favorite would be Aaron Irizarry’s and Jean Ming’s business card.
    I myself feature great business cards on my site, hope you visit it sometime.

  12. Nice work, this gaves me a lot of inspiration muchos thanks

  13. Create collection,
    here is another unique idea of dentist’s business card:

  14. Leif David says:

    I love them all! I came up with my own unique business card idea at Instead of handing out a regular business card, I can hand out “Million Dollar Bills” with all my contact info. If you like them let me know and I can make them for you too and customize them however you want

  15. worst designer ever says:

    oh my lord….. these are by GRAPHIC DESIGNERS???? don’t get me wrong, some of them are amazing and should definately be praised… but some of these look like they were done by 12 year olds…. Andrea La Valleur-Purvis used DIRTY COWBOYS FONT on her car…. might as well have been papyrus or comic sans…. or you could just print “i suck at design” on it and it would send the same message…. why is graphic design so overpopulated by people who just play with photoshop and nothign else and have NO CLUE WHAT GRAPHIC DESIGN IS.

  16. o priemiro do Chris Colhoun é muito interessante!

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  19. Fantastic collection! Thanks for sharing, I need some new business cards

  20. bus rental says:

    Great Post! I liked very much…Great source of inspiration for a lot of designers.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by NoBadCreative: 50 Creative Business Cards:

  22. psdcollector says:

    gezzz great collection,thank you for sharing !!

  23. Web Design says:

    these are some sick designs
    nice share

  24. Interesting examples & very good inspiration. My favorite is “Accentuate”, great idea + great color combination. Wow!

  25. CSSReX says:

    An ultimate collection! Thanks for this wonderful list :)

  26. Jerry H. says:

    I must say all of these designs are fantastic. I think everyone would agree that if they are printed on the right paperstock someones business card can be a work of art.

    I would love to see these on Velvet Paper Stock, i really think they would be beautiful.

    Thanks everyone

  27. Really sweet stuff. There is something really cool about turning something that can be very simplistic into a piece of art. My Uncle worked with a pretty groovy graphic design business (DPM Creative Group) in Sydney, Australia, to make some of his biz cards. The cards were pretty cool, they were made to look like a deck of playing cards. I think they have some of his samples in their folio at

  28. Sandy says:

    I got distracted by your site layout then noticed the cards. So i’d like to first say, that your site layout is great! Second,these are some really good business card designs.My eyes are drawn to the Paradise Digital business card.

  29. Lisa says:

    They are all awesome! Cant decide which one to pick. The designers do really have the gift.

  30. Bella says:

    Really? there are some good ones here, but some of them have some very basic aesthetic issues, like bad typography, or amateur typography. And if someone uses slang on a business card, I’m sorry, but it’s as flashing warning sign that they probably won’t conduct business professionally. But kudos so the die cut card designers.

  31. I always love these lists. Great inspiration. The one thing I do want to mention though is the high cost of production on a large portion of these cards. Rounded corners, special papers and inks, plastic and metal cards, custom die cuts can all make for great looking cards but that doesn’t do much good if your client cant afford to or doesnt want to pay the high price of having them made.

  32. The best of designs of calling cards ever I seen in my life.

  33. shayan javan says:

    hello to everyone.
    i’m a iranian graphic designer
    i wanna go ahead to this way
    and need your help
    i’m just 18yo.
    please tell me about international graphic
    and the new things,new ways,new designs and every thing is new.
    thank you for your help

  34. Design fanatic says:

    Truly impressive, very inspirational, thank you.

  35. Chloe says:

    Amazing! You really have a great collection! Congratulations to those who have created those cards, they surely have the brains and talents.

  36. muthu says:

    Very good creativity……

  37. Great designs – definatley one of the best collections of business card designs on the web

  38. njlogos says:

    Executive Creative Director Design
    I like most of the cards they look young and fresh. One piece I like the most of Josh Cunningham simple and classic. Well done all of you.

  39. jesse says:

    Great list. Very innovative ideas for business cards. Before I design and print up my next batch I will have to return for inspiration.

  40. Ivy Nakitare says:

    creativity at its best!!! my next business cards has to be from the designs above. very inspiring

  41. John Braun says:

    Thanks for these…gave me some really good ideas for revamping my new biz card.

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