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Beneficial WordPress Plugins For Your Design Blog

There are quite a few reasons for choosing WordPress as my personal favorite Content Managment System (CMS) – simple back end interface, Search Engine friendly (SEO Friendly), open source (so it’s free!) and my personal favorite, the massive amount of plugins that are available that add extra functionality to your website or blog. Below I [...]

600+ Free Design, Twitter and Social Media Icons

Whether it’s those little Twitter birds, social media or website icons, we all love and need them from time to time. Over the past several months many other blogs have compiled their list of website, social media, Twitter and other icons, so in case you missed them here is the motherload collection! Social media icon [...]

Is Twitter Taking Over RSS?

With all the buzz surrounding Twitter these days and more people (tweeple) joining at a faster rate than ever, I’ve found myself discovering more great design-related content on Twitter and checking my RSS feeds less frequently throughout the day. I was curious to see if others were doing the same, so I thought I’d ask the [...]

Creative Business Cards of 50 Graphic Designers

Last week’s post requested all designers and web developers interested to submit their creative business cards for an upcoming post on TDC…. and this week we have the results! 50 beautiful business cards of graphic and web designers. Chris Colhoun Eric | MindFlame Design & Marketing Aaron Irizarry Joanna Klima Indeed Design Victor Konovalov Sergej [...]

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