Must-reads For Growing a Freelance Design Business

While attending design school one thing I regretted after graduation was the lack of business and networking classes they offered (seems to be a trend among other design schools as well from what I’ve heard).

While social networking and blogging has filled that void, I thought I’d share 28 of my favorite freelance/business articles that have helped me over the years in developing and improving my freelance design business.

Freelancing Tools & Resources

  1. 270+ Tools for Running a Business Online
  2. 101 Essential Freelancing Resources
  3. The Ultimate List of Freelancing Resources
  4. Guide to Blogging for Freelance Designers

Find More Freelance Work

  1. The Monster List of Freelancing Job Sites
  2. 17 Places To Look For Freelance Jobs
  3. 101 Ideas to Get More Freelance Work and Generate New Client Leads

Promotion & Growth

  1. Freelancers: Here’s Why You Need a Blog
  2. Freelancing 911: Turn Your Business Around With Cold-calls
  3. 12 Triggers That Always Produce More Customers
  4. 10 Things to Remember When Promoting your Business
  5. 10 Ways to Promote a Business Online for Free
  6. 10 Tips for Recession-Proofing Your Web Site
  7. Kick Starting a Freelance Business… When You Can’t Afford to Fail
  8. 40 Resources To Become A Successful Freelance Graphic/Web Designer

The Paperwork & Legal Side of Things

  1. How Do You Write a Design Brief?
  2. 8 Things You Should Include In Your Terms of Service
  3. Freelancers: Why Estimates Are Important + Free Starter Template
  4. Setting Up a Basic Project Outline
  5. AIGA Design and Business Forms
  6. Legal Resources for Freelancers
  7. How To Write An Effective Design Brief

Must Read Freelance/Business Blogs

  1. BoDo: Business of Design Online
  2. FreelanceSwitch
  3. Inspired Startup


  1. 6 Things Every Freelance Designer Should Have
  2. Top 7 Reasons Why It’s Better to Hire a Freelance Designer or Small Firm
  3. 10 Ways Personal Branding Can Save You From Getting Fired

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  1. Thanks for this great list. I like this list “The Monster List of Freelancing Job Sites”

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  2. Edwin says:

    Thanks man for the articles.

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  4. Thanks, hire me!

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  6. [...] 28 Must Read Articles For Growing Your Freelance Design Business Great link roundup of freelance articles, well worth a browse through for useful info. [...]

  7. [...] to start planning (or re-planning) your business, especially if you are a freelancer. The article, 28 Must Read Articles for Growing Your Freelance Design Business, highlights essential tools, resources, promotional tips and other articles that will expand any [...]

  8. Thanks for all the resources. It’s nice to see a website post that collates these into a list rather than trying to summarise everything.

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