Shirts Every Type Nerd Must Own

Due to my obsession with type I thought it would only be right to present ’10 shirts every type nerd must own’. A majority of these shirts come in both men and women’s sizes so get your credit cards handy.



YO! That Kern Is Tight!


& Then I Woke Up




Lorem Ipsum


My Baseline Is Lower Than Yours


Huge Type Looks Sweet


Helvetica Alphabet T’s


Words Aren’t Always Meant To Be Read


Extra Black


What’s your favorite type shirt?

Discussion and Comments

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  1. Tim says:

    Dude. “Extra Black” is on my back right now. The hoodie version. My girlfriend got it got for me for christmas. Univers FTW!!!

  2. Artboredom says:

    One of these days I’ll get one of mine on a list like this. Regardless, all faves of mine. The Ugmonk & FTW!


  3. Preston says:

    The kerning shirt made me laugh outloud. Thanks for that. Nice post.

  4. Tim Ngwena says:

    Lol, GR8 Shout !. Lve Helbotica

  5. Thanks for the A-OK shoutout!

  6. Ivo Ivan says:

    “Words Aren’t Always Meant To Be Read” great idea

  7. Condo Blues says:

    I love the kerning shirt! I really need one of those.

  8. Aki says:

    These are cool! I love A-ok & baseline shirts.

  9. Mark Denton says:

    This is the best “list” post I’ve seen in a while. Nice work.

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  11. love the & then i woke up t! ha!

    You should also include the kern sweatshirt from veer – been rockin that for a few years :)

  12. Selig says:

    Helbotica is great ;-)
    Thanks for a fun compilation!

  13. nice t-shirt designs, I like “A-Ok” and “My Baseline Is Lower Than Yours” thanks..

  14. btorbo says:

    My absolute favorite type themed t-shirt is the Hel-fucking-vetica from Subtraction/Wire & Twine:

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  16. Graham Smith says:

    My favs are:
    My Baseline Is Lower Than Yours
    Words Aren’t Always Meant To Be Read

    Need to see if I can get these in the UK, but awesome shirts. Nice idea for a post collection Brian.


  17. Brian says:

    I’ve always liked the kern sweatshirt from veer

  18. Nick Sherman says:

    At the risk of tooting my own horn, MyFonts did a series of large glyph tees that seem appropriate to mention here. Details at

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  21. Tracee says:

    “& then I woke up” is my favourite shirt ever. <3 It makes me happy in the typeface.

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  24. Carrie says:

    I have the Helvetica shirt from AA. The “& Then I woke Up” has been on my wishlist for a while. I love ampersands.. I’d have to say that one is the coolest, despite my deep love for Helvetica.

  25. While I love that our HELBOTICA tee is on here (by Jonathan Yule), I went and bought the 24+76=100 tee by UGMONK based on this post. much love.

  26. Ryan says:

    Grab an updated reversible version of the A-ok design here:


  27. These are great. I love the A-Ok one…

  28. rush says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Ampersand tee! 1. I’m a writer/ blogger & tend to use & a lot 2. It’s Helvetica—I am so type nerdy for Helvetica.

  29. Geek Shirts says:

    A selection of great tees there. Are these avaialble anywhere in the UK?

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