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Transitioning from a Print to a Web Designer

The following article is an overview of a keynote presentation given by Gatorworks’ during the 2009 AAF Student Conference discussing “Making the Transition from Print to Web”. Gatorwork’s president Brian Rodriguez finds that “many graphic designers coming out of college have a strong background in print design, however they have a hard time making the [...]

Shirts Every Type Nerd Must Own

Due to my obsession with type I thought it would only be right to present ’10 shirts every type nerd must own’. A majority of these shirts come in both men and women’s sizes so get your credit cards handy. Helbotica YO! That Kern Is Tight! & Then I Woke Up A-Ok Lorem Ipsum My [...]

Must-reads For Growing a Freelance Design Business

While attending design school one thing I regretted after graduation was the lack of business and networking classes they offered (seems to be a trend among other design schools as well from what I’ve heard). While social networking and blogging has filled that void, I thought I’d share 28 of my favorite freelance/business articles that [...]

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