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50 Brilliant Design Articles of 2008

2008 has not only been an exciting year here at TDC, but around the rest of the design community as well. I have learned so much from reading blogs (more than I had ever imagined), and as a special thanks I present you 50 insightful graphic & web design related post of 2008 organized into [...]

Discussion: The Hows and Wheres of Networking

I was recently asked by one of my readers, who is venturing off into the “wonderful world of independency”, how a graphic designer NEW to freelancing should go about networking – more specifically, how should one go about it and where do they find people to network with? Not only was it an interesting question, but as [...]

Marketing Calendar for Beginner Freelance Designers

Thinking about breaking into the freelance/independent scene in 2009? Have you recently graduated from design school and looking to start marketing your new freelance business? I recently came across an article (slightly outdated) in HOW Magazine written by Ilise Benun that outlines a marketing strategy for rookie and veteran freelance designers. Provides a good overview to consider [...]

Advanced Color Correction Tutorial

This tutorial shows you an advanced method of evaluating your photograph’s color accuracy and making the proper color correction adjustments. It is a more sophisticated technique of removing unwanted color casts, but the result’s will knock your socks off. Does require some basic knowledge of Photoshop. For this tutorial I will be working in Photoshop CS3 using a stock photograph [...]

Anatomy of a Successful Graphic Designers Website

Having a website is unquestionably the most effective marketing tool you can have as a graphic designer (or any company for that matter), especially if utilized correctly. A successful online presence demands having a website where visitors can learn, easily identify and clearly understand how you can help them. In most cases, an award-winning portfolio just won’t cut it [...]

Font Conference Video… Hilarious!

If you’re a type nerd like me or love some good ol’ design humor than you will love this Font Conference video I found at CollegeHumor. The video starts out with a gathering of various typeface deciding whether or not to offer membership to Zapf Wingbats… hehe!

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