50 Design Studios from each of the 50 States

If you’re thinking of relocating to a different State, looking to change jobs, or are a design student nearing the end of your education, here are some great design studios to check out. Below is a list of 50 popular, well-known or quality Design Studios from each of the 50 States.

1- Alabama | Debbie Broome

2- Alaska | Crystal Clear Creative

3- Arizona | Kitchen Sink Studios

4- Arkansas | Matmon

5- California | Barretto Co.

6- Colorado | Texturemedia

7- Connecticut | Fibra Design, LLC

8- Delaware | JLern Design

9- Florida | Razorfish

10- Georgia | Tribal Chicken Designs

11- Hawaii | Muku Studios

12- Idaho | Rizen Creative

13- Illinois | Digital Kitchen

14- Indiana | Savant Interactive

15- Iowa | Red Five Interactive

16- Kansas | Entermotion Design Studio

17- Kentucky | Cricket Press

18- Lousiana | Acketon

19- Maine | Briggs Advertising

20- Maryland | Spur Design

21- Massachusetts | Medium Bold

22- Michigan | Elevator, Inc.

23- Minnesota | Schematic

24- Mississippi | Novagiant Media

25- Missouri | Falk Harrison Creative

26- Montana | ??

After searching around for a bit, I can honestly say I could not find one design company that was worth showcasing in Montana — poor Montana! Let’s see if we can help them out and suggest a quality Design Studio. First person to find one gets to be in a featured interview on The Design Cubicle!

27- Nebraska | Secret Penguin

28- Nevada | ZeroThreeQuarter Designs

29- New Hampshire | Proximity Lab

30- New Jersey | Knockout

31- New Mexico | Tricycle Creative

32- New York | Pentagram

Here’s one more from New York – Too many to choose from…


33- North Carolina | Brand Aid Studios

34- North Dakota | Sundog

35- Ohio | hyperQUAKE

36- Oklahoma | Design Is Power

37- Oregon | Portland Design Lab

38- Pennsylvania | Headcase Design

39- Rhode Island | DutchMoney

40- South Carolina | Brains on Fire

41- South Dakota | Electric Pulp

42- Tennessee | Speak Communications

43- Texas | Brainfood


44- Utah | Struck

45- Vermont | Shark

46- Virginia | Lythos Studios

47- Washington | Modern Dog

48- West Virginia | FlyEye Design

49- Wisconsin | JWDesign

50- Wyoming | Design Asylum

While doing my research, I found that with certain States it was hard to pick just one, while other’s had limited resources. Some even had me cringe at the fact of picking any (see #26). Do you live in one of these States and know of any great Design Studios, including your own? Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts and findings.

Discussion and Comments

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  1. I don’t know how alot of these websites made the list. I’d say over 50% of these have poor presentation as portfolios (hard to use) or showcase work that I’d hardly call best nationally. Not that my work is great by any means…

  2. Dana says:

    The studio you’ve listed for NC is actually based in Tennessee. I’d love to see which design studio ACTUALLY from North Carolina you pick.

  3. Jake says:

    It’d be great if you updated the screen-shot of C3. We revamped our website and it’s pretty cool technology.

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