Print Design Projects Submitted By The Designers

Once again, I asked my fellow graphic designer’s on Twitter if they would be interested in submitting what they feel to be their best or favorite printed design project. Here’s what they’ve got to show for it…

In no particular order, 29 beautifully crafted print designs with a brief statement, creative process and/or inspiration for the projects written by the designers.

Brian Hoff (me) | Center City Magazine Cover

“The October 2005 issue focused on the night/party life of Philadelphia — The goal was put City Hall in a fantastical, party atmosphere.
I over emphasized the beautiful glow the city naturally embellishes once the sunsets with neon lighting effects created in Photoshop and utilized a photo (by yours truly) of City Hall as the center point for which the city lives and breathes.”

Menachem Krinsky | BMW Poster

“[The goal] was to come up with a more artsy feel for BMW, rather than the more typical, metallic looking feel they always do.”

Kyle Steed | “Big Typography” Poster

“[...] The quote “what we do in life echoes in eternity” was a great theme to design around. It brings a lot of thought and depth to the design. I used the “Rockwell Sketch” font for the typography. I really find this font attractive the larger it is. I blended the font into the background and used a subtle grunge brush on top of them to give it a more vintage feel.”

Design Shard | October 2008 Calendar on Smashing Magazine

“The calender needed to embody Autumn as this was the theme i was aiming for. Even though autumn is cold, I wanted to depict it as being beautiful, with natural beauty; this is why I combined the woman’s face with wood textures and leaves of autumn by Max Stanworth of Design Shard”

Anca Foster | Smooshhh branding/packaging project

“…While I was processing ideas and doing the thought process for the beverage branding, there was a basketball game on TV, and Smush Parker was playing. He has my favorite name out of all basketball players, and was laughing about how cute it is…and then the idea for the branding clicked — I will name my brand Smoosh!”

Janine Wilkins | Bridal Boutique business cards

“[The client] wanted to appear professional, sophisticated, and feminine. The bannerstand (not shown) and business cards were designed for an upcoming bridal show and future events. I incorporated professional photography, lace and marble patterns, and striking colors into the design to help the client achieve the look she wanted.”

CMD+Shift Design | Corporate Party Invite (4th of July)

The exterior is very clean and simple with the fireworks pattern on the back and the firms logo and KABOOM in big Meta Plus lettering on the front. When you open it, the horizontally formatted card becomes a long time line of the party that your invited to experience.”

Brainchild Collective | Hero Head Poster

“[...] The Hero Head piece is inspired by my creative process itself, all the colorful imagination and organic “data” running through my mind that outputs to a finished concept. The crumpled paper and tape representing the inevitable discarding of ideas as not good enough. I felt as though that process was a beautiful design in itself and I tried to illustrate that here.”

Just Creative Design | Gruen Brewery annual report

“This annual report design was a continuation of the Gruen Brewery brand. I had to create the whole identity for the beer including the bottle (the bottle top seen on Year in Review page), the logo (the two kangaroos) and the whole identity (colours, style, image, etc)…. this was then continued onto the annual report design. The beer is targeted to the the boutique beer market (25+ year olds). You can see the full beer design here.”

Laughing Lion Design | Poster Illustration

“The illustration is part of a series of buildings in Dublin, my home town.”

Niki Brown | Party Invitation

“I just recently moved to Boston and decided to throw a going away party before I left. Since I don’t eat meat, I decided to design this invite for a “Bring Your Own Meat” party. I wanted to incorporate humor into a very simple design. The party was a blast!”

R27 CreativeLab | Origami book jacket

“I wanted to use the influence of Asian Art by using the vibrant colours and the idea of folding through the use of images. I took the abstract approach as we’ve all seen the great designs you can achieve through the process of paper folding on many occasions…”

Steffen Rusten

“The project was to design a press kit for a local band as part of a music promotion class I’m taking. I decided to go with a newspaper style theme with a jacket holding the contents of the press kit. The inspiration behind this was to make it literal-type press kit (in the style of something that could be seen in the press).”

Creative Aces | Poster/Magazine Cover

“[...] Inspiration can be summed up by the event Chairman; “the cars & boats are the stars”. Being surrounded by these incredible automobiles and classic boats was truly inspirational, as well as breathtaking.”

Adelle Charles | Dust Jacket and Book Cover Design

Veronica Domeier | Domeier Wedding/Engagement Celebration Invitations

“[...] earth tones as the main colors, blues and browns with pink highlights throughout. Naturally flowers had to be part of the design. Going through several more detailed flower designs, I chose to go with the simplest form which ended up being the main element and helped to keep the design simple…”

David Airey | Flyer Design

“One of my favorite print design pieces…It’s a flyer design for a Scottish-based music artist. What pleased me most about this flyer was the improvement I made from the initial idea through to the final piece. I was helped a great deal in an online graphic design forum, and thoroughly enjoyed the critique process. It’s an old design, and I think the kerning could be improved, but there’s an amazing difference from the first draft.”

Brown Advertising + Design | Burchette and Burchette Catalog

“This project was for a local hardwood floor company who is expanding into national sales of reclaimed, custom distressed hardwood floors targeted mainly to architects and contractors. [...] A 12-page catalog, showcasing their photography and informing customers of their various finishing options as well as specialty items such as borders, medallions and inlays.”

Andy Jacobson | Directors Film Company Ad Campaign

“The campaign needed to identify DFC’s unique position of having facilities on both continents with services delivered “seamlessly”. Our execution brings both continents together into “one-world”, with the most critical information provided who to contact directly.”

Joe Ciaramella | Record Label CD Package

“[...] Since her music is vibrant, electric, bright and loud – I felt the cd package should convey that feeling when first looked at on the store shelves. With the added challenge of this being a double-cd package, I had to balance the two discs with their own look in order to give each disc its own identity.”

Prepressology | Shelters of Saratoga Invite

“SOS was looking to have pieces designed for the charity event ‘One Fine Day’, an elegant garden party which included an afternoon of relaxation and rejuvenation in the gorgeous Victorian garden of a local bed and breakfast. [...] the oversized postcard SOS had the ability to attract a persons attention with a colorful front and then display a good amount of information on the back about the event.”

Angie Bowen | Break Free Poster

“While browsing stock photo images and trying to gain some inspiration when I was stuck with artist’s block, I was hit with the idea for this design. It was a totally new direction for me and one that ended up being very symbolic of both my block and the way out of it. Anytime I’m hit with a creative block, I start experimenting with new techniques and that usually help me through it”

Shanna Korby | Korby Imagery holiday card

“This red wine themed card was designed for the 2007-2008 holiday season and was mailed to clients and colleagues around the world. Some were sent with a bottle of wine, all were sent with personalized notes.”

Oropesa Creative | Beverage Press Kit

“The project was to create a press kit for this alcoholic beverage that would communicate the brand and the uniqueness of the packaging in a compelling way, since we cant send the actual product to editors because of shipping restrictions.”

Tamar Design+Marketing | Republic of Texas Poster

For this poster, Republic of Texas Alternative Arts Series: Chris Duarte, I really wanted to give it a bluesy feel, but with a rock-n-roll edge. My inspiration was an album cover from a 1960′s blues singer, but used a much edgier font.

Mayhem Studios | Agency Roll Call

“[...] One of the most import things is research. Looking on the web/books for your clients competition, type of design that industry is creating and for inspiration.” Then, “I get down to sketching out 5-6 pages worth of quick ideas to get things flowing. Depending on the type of project. I will give anywhere from 2-4 concept samples from the refined sketches.”

Jeff Bazer | Bertino & Associates Brochure

“I got my inspiration from the work they’ve done, very modern, clean lines and elegant and wanted to infuse that into the brochure.”

Jeffrey Garofalo |

“The client was looking for an invitation that was simple, bold and with some heft. I tried out several solutions ranging from those that turned out goofy like an admission ticket to a film strip that worked well. To add heft, each piece was glued together front and back on heavy card stock and printed offset.”

Discussion and Comments

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  1. You must miss doing magazine covers, yes? Fun AND exposure. Love Brainchild Collective’s & Niki Brown’s work. Thanks for the Graphic Designer shout out.

    (And muchos gracias for including me.)

  2. jojo says:

    Hey this is pretty cool thing you are doing. Its got that whole voyeuristic thing going on but in real time. is this all stuff people are doing in the moment? or just their best stuff… and i saw the requests, but heck it didn’t quite register. next time i’ll pay more attention..

    Overall really good stuff here. i really laughed at the party invite BYOM.. ha. clever. and i’m a big lover of 3 d designs so the press kit stood out. i’m doing numbers pages for an annual report would have loved to see the bruen piece larger, so i could check out how he handled it.

    great idea!

  3. Joe Akers says:

    Excellent work everyone!! Honored to be included!

  4. Neil Brown says:

    Some great design pieces here! This was a great idea to feature some print work with so much focus on web design (rightfully so, but still nice to see some ink on paper from time-to-time, LOL!)

    Thanks for including mine :-)

  5. Marnie B says:

    Okay, Anca’s and Niki’s are definite favourites!

  6. Some great, great work in here! Hard to choose a favorite. Thanks very much for including my work, I am humbled to be among some great design!

  7. Wow great pieces!!!
    I tried to finish my latest print projects… but couldn’t get them finished in time, maybe next time.
    Congrats to all the great designers who had their work showcased here!

    ~ Aaron I

  8. John says:

    Most of these are below average. I’m scared to think that these are their best projects/designs.

  9. ronicadesign says:

    Excellent work from everyone – Wow! Great post Brian, Thanks do much for including me. Your magazine cover is stunning : )

  10. Brian says:

    Veronica -
    Thanks for the kind words on my magazine cover.

    John -
    I wish you would be more specific in stating that these are below average. By whose standards? The reasoning behind showcasing the designers creative process and statements reasoning behind the project.

    “Best Design” in my opinion not only has to look good but also solve a problem and convey a message, all while keeping in mind the clients vision (and approval).

    Let’s all be courteous of the designer’s who have opted to put their work out their to be display and critiqued by the world. There are plenty of positives that we can find out of ANYONE’S work and I know, personally, there are things that I always feel can be improved within my work.

    It’s the learning and growing process that I love most about being a designer.

  11. kyle says:

    Looks great. Thanks so much for the opportunity and reaching out to the design community. Great idea. My favoirte is Niki Brown’s Party Invitation. I love the simplicity and the fonts used. Also the fact that she pointed out “earth” as where the party was being held. Nice touch.

  12. janine says:

    my favs were the bmw and break free posters :)

  13. Anca says:

    Thanks for including my work in your post, Brian. You’re awesome for doing this. : )

    Marnie, thank you for liking my stuff! : )

    John..if you throw out words like that without giving any arguments for your statement, it only makes you look like a hypocritical negative person, who talks just for the sake of talking, but has no backup for his opinions. I am sorry you think these are terrible, and I wish you would have left a link to some of your own stuff, for us to know who to learn from. But you didn’t…this way, I just think you’re an a@#$%(e. Yay!

    Great job, everyone! Keep creating! w00t!



  14. BHG Digital says:

    Great looking Design Work…. Thanks for Sharing! Its great to see what the world around us brings out in design!

  15. Angie Bowen says:

    This was a great idea, I love hearing the creative process behind people’s work. Brian, your magazine cover is gorgeous! And I love Anca’s branding.

    Thanks to everyone who let us get a peak into their though process. And thanks to Brian for putting this together and letting me be a part of it.

  16. Mitternacht says:

    Thanks for your effort, there a re a few excellent pieces here. I really like Andy Jacobson’s work.

  17. Thanks Brian for including me. I feel honored to be on the list with all these awesome designers. :)

    - Cal

  18. John says:

    @ Brian

    To be more specific I have included a list of the ones I mean with a short comment on each. Of course I don’t know the brief they were given or budgets etc but personally I think all that I’ve listed are visually unappealing.

    Artista Design | Book Cover – Too Cluttered/bad colour choices.
    Janine Wilkins | Bridal Boutique business cards – Outdated look.
    Creative Aces | Poster/Magazine Cover – Boring/layout has been done to death.
    Veronica Domeier | Domeier Wedding/Engagement Celebration Invitations – Don’t like having to look for the stuff I’m meant to be reading.
    Prepressology | Shelters of Saratoga Invite – Can do this within 5mins in Microsoft word.
    Tamar Design+Marketing | Republic of Texas Poster – Bad layout and use of type.
    Jeff Bazer | Bertino & Associates Brochure – Very unimaginative.
    SEI Design Group | Trade Organization Ad – Poor positioning of type and images.

    Just so you don’t think I’m a complete Meany I believe some of these are great, like:
    Andy Jacobson | Directors Film Company Ad Campaign
    Niki Brown | Party Invitation

  19. John says:

    Just quickly adding to my last comment.

    You said
    “Best Design” in my opinion not only has to look good but also solve a problem and convey a message, all while keeping in mind the clients vision (and approval).

    Well this can all be achieved without destroying your clients image. Nice design can also be effective design. You shouldn’t have to compromise your client’s design because your not capable of designing something nice that works with their requirements/goals or just to get their approval. If your any good you’ll fight to give them the best (they don’t know what works, that’s why they hire us), I would be ashamed to take money from clients for these designs.

  20. Brian – Great to be part of such an array of creative work. We must bear in mind that the briefs must have varied so much, all the same its nice to see such varied work.

    Love Brainchild Collective’s & Menachem Krinsky (BMW Poster). Especially love the characters on Smooshhh branding/packaging project by Anca Foster. I wonder how much of each designers personality comes through and out onto the designed page…..?

    Thanks for the inclusion

  21. Neil Brown says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks so much for your great insight into the world of print design and deciding to take a stand and offer your unsolicited critiques of other designer’s work.

    Now, if you could so kindly share a link to your website so we can peruse your work and learn from your greatness.

    Sarcasm aside, the post was what designers feel was their best or favorite print design project. As for myself, I’m honored to even be included among some of these designers. I constantly strive to learn, grow and improve. I love seeing other designer’s work. It gives me a view into their world.

    One day, I will truly arrive as well and be able to spew such great wisdom. Until then…


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  23. Joann Sondy says:

    Thank you for the inclusion; proud to share the post with so many talented & creative individuals.

    Your replay to “John” was well founded. I chose my piece based in the ‘call to action’: what project/client I found the most inspiring. Whether or not anyone finds the cover overwhelming creative is irrelevant… the client, the sponsor, the audience LIKED IT. And, more importantly, it met the client’s objectives.

    This post is only validates the discussion “Is Print Dying” happening at biznik:

    Kudos to all.

  24. chris says:


  25. Niki Brown says:

    Thanks for featuring me! Its good to see the best of other designers work!

  26. Brian says:

    John -
    I agree with you stating that you cannot compromise a potentially good design just to suite your client’s liking but for the most part, the client has the final word. I cannot tell you how many time I presented the client with a solution to fit their needs and they rejected a lot of great ideas. It’s the nature of the business. But you’re right, you shouldn’t just design badly because it looks like the current collateral the client already has. The best you can do is kindly and tactfully offer your professional opinion and at the least come to a happy medium if the client rejects some ideas.

    Angie -
    I glad you enjoyed seeing my magazine cover! Your kind words are greatly appreciated.

    Chris -
    More specifics?

    With every negative comments, let’s also leave some good. We are all in it to learn and keep learning and evolving our designs. This way the good can get better by learning from their mistakes and what they can do better next time. But to shoot them down directly without any positive intent is not doing anyone good.

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  28. Thanks for the add, Brian.

    Great to see some print design in this web design world.

  29. Thanks Brian for including my poster with all of this other lovely work. Much appreciated.

    Regarding “best work”, I couldn’t say that what I sent you is necessarily my best, I’m not sure what that is, but I can say what I sent you is something I enjoyed doing very much and as a designer I think that’s important.

    thanks again.

  30. Brilliant print work here, thanks for putting this together Brian.

    The Smoosh packaging is my favorite :) I have a thing for product design… and those are really well done.

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  34. Brian I like what you keep saying about we’re in this to keep learning and keep improving. Me too! I think it’s good to display all levels of design and to give constructive criticism (saying “I don’t like it” doesn’t help anyone!). Figuring out what makes good design good and what makes less than steller design less than steller will help us all improve.

    For example, I think John is right when he says he doesn’t want to have to figure out where he’s supposed to be looking for info on the Wedding/Engagement Celebration Invitations from Veronica Domeier; the design is a little overwhelming. So, how can we fix it? Here are my suggestions:

    I think a very simple fix right off the bat would be to make the white flowers and dots/circles light blue instead (just lower the opacity, maybe to about 40%?). This makes them less dominant than the type, so because the type is now the highest contrast item, it will stand out the most.

    A bolder font might do some good to draw attention to it, too. The thin lines get lost.

    Although pink is a “lovey” color, when printed against the periwinkle blue, it blends in too much. Why? Because it’s almost the same value (try looking at this piece completely desaturated/greyscale). Pink might work with this blue if the background was white, but it doesn’t work well sitting on top of it.

    I think that brown is an excellent choice for the important details. It stands out well against the blue particularly because of its dark value (yay value! Seeing a theme?). I would probably replace the pink details at the bottom with that brown color and maybe not make them spread out within the dots–it’s not a wordsearch puzzle.

    And what’s so awesome about Niki’s BYOM invite?

    Strong contrast in color. Attention to the element of texture. Excellent use of direction by way of size (your eye is naturally drawn to the largest type first and then you make your way down to the details). Consistent alignment of elements.

    We can always learn from the best as well as the so-so design. How do you keep learning Brian? I would love to read a post on it!

  35. Brian says:

    LaurenMarie -
    Great critiquing…We need more of that around here :) It’s important to crit each other’s work – if we can tell each other what looks works and what doesn’t how are we supposed to educate our clients? Specifics are key and you did just that. Thanks!

    As far as what I do to keep learning – stay posted for a post :)

  36. Cool, can’t wait to read your learning post :) I like critiquing because it really helps me solidify my own thoughts about why I think something works or doesn’t and then I’m able to identify those things in my work, too. Everyone benefits from the process!

  37. Jakki says:

    This critique process that is starting to happen here is really great – particularly when specifics are given about what is working and why, then why something is not working and how to fix it. LaurenMarie sums it up perfectly without hurling daggers into anyones work. I am a solo designer in a company and am in serious need to feed off of and connect with other designers. I’ll have to look up how I can put up some work too.

    I would like to know how John would make the Jeff Bazer | Bertino & Associates Brochure more imaginative? If it was me, I might vary the sizes of the photographs more on the inside spread and take out a few. I would maybe try to span over two panels with some text and/or images for visual variety. I am interested to hear what others would do?

    It would be interesting to see what all the different designers would come up with on the same project.

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  39. This is great! Thanks for posting these online. I’ve found that “what goes in, comes out.” So it helps to feed my mind with quality, top notch designs. Have a good one!

  40. It’s good to know and see that in the Internet era there still is place for creative print design. Awesome projects!

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