Business Cards of Graphic / Web Designers on Twitter

Since recently joining the Twitter community, I been introduced to a diverse range of creative and talented persons that share my same passion for graphic/web design, web development and blogging.

I asked my designer, developer and blogger friends on Twitter if they would like their business cards featured in my next blog post (add me on Twitter so you don’t miss out next time). Here’s the outcome. Drum roll please…

Brian Hoff (me)

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Blogger | www.brianhoff.netTwitter


Design Evangelist | | Twitter

Doug Cloud

Artist, Writer, Blogger | | Twitter

Ronica Design

Graphic and Web Designer | | Twitter

Hot Glue Media

The card says exactly what she | Twitter

Mayhem Studios

Develops identity and brand recognition / Blogger | | Twitter

Arron M. Lock

Focus on logo development; Blogger | | Twitter


Graphic Design and Web Development | | Twitter

MCG Studio, LLC

Small studio specializing in interactive design and development | | Twitter


Engineering creative identity design | | Twitter


Graphic Artist, Typesetter, Web Designer | | Twitter

Tamar Design+Marketing (TD+M)

Design+Marketing Studio; print, identity, and web design | | Twitter


Graphic, Logo and Web Design w/ an exceptional blog | | Twitter

Huddy Design

Flash Designer | | Twitter

Silver Solutions

Web and Software Application Developer | | Twitter

iDesign Studios

Custom Web Designer and front-end Web Developer | | Twitter

Visual Dexterity

Graphic and Web Designer | | Twitter

SEI Design Group

Architectural Design Firm | | Twitter

Fuel Brand Studios

Designer and Blogger | Twitter

Chad Engle

Print, Web and Package Designer | | Twitter


A Creative Studio | | Twitter

Train Machine

Web and User Interface Design | | Twitter

CMD+Shift Design

Web Design and front-end Developer | | Twitter

Rocking I Designs

Visual Communication Studio | | Twitter

Niki Brown

Graphic and Web Designer | | Twitter

Green Tea Design

Freelance Web Designer | | Twitter

Are you a Graphic or Web Designer who uses Twitter and would like to add their business cards? Feel free to critique our cards. I’m sure we would all enjoy some feedback. Also, check out co-created by Adelle Charles (card above; Fuel+Brand Studios) to search directories of graphic designers (and other categories) who are on Twitter. Great resource to meet new friends.

Discussion and Comments

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  1. amit says:

    very nice….. cards…..very attractive….. share .this…

  2. Rob Phas says:

    The CMD+SHIFT card is superb.

  3. [...] 26 Business Cards of Graphic & Web Designers on Twitter [...]

  4. Great post and inspirations! I follow a lot of these guys blogs, its cool to see their business cars.


  5. Scott Fogel says:

    Good stuff. Starting to kick around new business card ideas and it’s always good to see what others are doing.

  6. I am always pleased with business card blog posts. But this one is fantastic. I must say though, your card is the best of them all. Very modular.

  7. Some of those cards are just so well thought out.

    I hope ours can compete next time!

  8. farid says:

    thanks a lot

  9. Some of these are just plain weird… :-) In the sense that I expected weird and got normal in many cases… I love the designs of Ronice, huddy and chad engle

  10. An excellent resource of information i will certainly return to check on the latests posts. I m working on My few bolgs and i want to bring traffic on them.

  11. All business cards are designed well, Good collection, Well Done!

  12. I love the Ronica Design artwork. Great design

  13. Jarvis Madison says:

    Great inspiration! There’s so many awesome cards out there.

  14. [...] 26 Business Cards of Graphic & Web Designers on Twitter I asked my designer, developer and blogger friends on Twitter if they would like their business cards featured in my next blog post (add me on Twitter so you don’t miss out next time). Here’s the outcome. Drum roll please… [...]

  15. Brad says:

    Business card revised and placed on my new domain…

  16. Fantastic Collection, thanks!

    Off to follow…

  17. these are some truly amazing business cards i have seen!thanks for sharing this amazing 26 business cards with us which will inspire us to make some of our own.

  18. Nice collection. Inspirational :)

  19. Matt says:

    I LOVE business cards – especially creative cards like these. Thanks for sharing these inspirational designs.

  20. Wow… I am speechless… I feel like such a rookie! LOL… mine isn’t posted here .. and I am going to do a new one before I submit! haha! Wow.. I enjoyed seeing all this awesome talent! You peeps are great inspiration!

    Melody C. Montgomery

  21. Heath says:

    If anyone is looking for a printer for some of these “premium” style cards we can help. Vivo! Print can do foil, spot-uv, die cut, embossing, etc. and we have great prices. If you are looking for any of these features just let me know ( and I would love to get you pricing and help in any way. We also have some of the best prices on all types of standard printing ( Please don’t hesitate to ask is you have any questions at all. I love looking at these list but I rarely see any links to places to actually buy them. Thanks for the post!

  22. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by designgroupies: Check out a gallery of business cards from designers on Twitter at the Design Cubice site @behoff ~

  23. Magnetic says:

    Thanks for the great collection, I could spend hours looking at creative business cards!

  24. Hriday says:

    Great Post.

    Really nice cards.

  25. Bizbell says:

    Great collection, unique and decent

  26. Scraps says:

    good inspirations, simple elegant and corporate……. but some are little old.. used in other sites…
    ne way.. nice collection.. thanks

  27. Paul Wilburn says:

    We have some pretty cool plastic cards designs here Plastic cards and plastic business cards printed
    Also, for more examples please see Examples of plastic cards, plastic business cards, membership cards and loyalty cards
    We print the popular frosted clear plastic cards and work with lots of graphic designers who create stunning designs for their clients and then send the artwork to us to print the cards and deliver them under plain cover to their client.

  28. Very inspirative design

  29. Some of those business cards are great inspiration for graphic and web designers. I love the simplicity of R27.CreativeLab, the clean and slick style of Brian Hoff and the creativity of Viximo and OnWired.

  30. Your business cards are absolutely great- fantastic- excellent! Each of one fits different fields, can be for serious business and just for fun! I am also designing cards, but just for fun, and now, I envy you. I wish I have your talent too.

  31. Andrew says:

    I love your business card out of all these. It’s probably the color choice and it’s neat look.

  32. Those are some very impressive cards. Makes me want to go back and redo all my cards! You are showing a nice range of styles as well, which is great.

  33. nit says:

    nice card//…

  34. Nice collection. I am looking to get my business card designed like one of the above. Thanks, brilliant ideas. Cool…


  35. Its awesome, I am web/graphics designer and always searching this type business cards collection ,I like them all.
    Thanks for sharing

  36. JPG HAWAII says:

    We always try to be creative and make very unique designs. Our clients are satisfied with results all the time. We also make business cards. :) check it out!

  37. Brad says:

    Soliciting comments on my business card. Please send by e-mail. See

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