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Print Design Projects Submitted By The Designers

Once again, I asked my fellow graphic designer’s on Twitter if they would be interested in submitting what they feel to be their best or favorite printed design project. Here’s what they’ve got to show for it… In no particular order, 29 beautifully crafted print designs with a brief statement, creative process and/or inspiration for the [...]

Good (Twitter) Friends are hard to find…Until now!

Having recently joined the Twitter community a few months ago, I have quickly found out the benefits I get from the Twitterverse: Graphic design tips and advice, questions answered, information about new websites and blogs, free publicity, great conversations — the list goes on. If you just joined Twitter or still thinking about it (sign [...]

8 Print Finishes to Spice Up Your Designs

Finishing is a process applied to a design’s substrate, or surface, that can provide your work with a specific look and feel, add decorative elements, alter its shape and size or provide functionality and presentation enhancements. Finishes can transform an ordinary design into something much more interesting and unique. Below is a list of 8 various [...]

Business Cards of Graphic / Web Designers on Twitter

Since recently joining the Twitter community, I been introduced to a diverse range of creative and talented persons that share my same passion for graphic/web design, web development and blogging. I asked my designer, developer and blogger friends on Twitter if they would like their business cards featured in my next blog post (add me [...]

Logos of various Design Studios

Gathered up a list of 27 logos of various graphic and interactive design studios from around the world: Asterik Studio | Seattle, Washington David&Goliath | El Segundo, CA Wonderful Union | Seattle, Washington El Creative | Dallas, Texas EEI Global | Rochester Hills, MI Domani Studios | New York, NY [...]

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